Meet the Grower: Clos de l'Elu | Thomas Carsin


Place:JL Studio

Domaine/Vinergon:Clos de l'Élu / Thomas Carsin

Time/Price:TBC, for more details please contact Le Cellier des Poètes

In January 2008, Charlotte and Thomas Carsin embarked on a marvelous winemaking adventure with the acquisition of the Clos de l'Élu domain, on the schist-rich lands of the Anjou Noir. With many years’ experience as a wine consultant (Thomas), in the fields of communication and management (Charlotte), they are both deeply passionate about the life of this domain which lies on the finest terroirs of the Layon valley. The 20 hectares are farmed organically and the domain offers a structured range of different wines. If it was the Chenin that attracted Thomas to Anjou, the red grape varieties (Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, Pineau d'Aunis) continue to inspire him with deep, rich vintages that are expressive and full of finesse.

This Fall, Thomas Carsin will visit Taiwan to join the 3rd Buvons Nature, the natural wine fair founded in Taipei, Taiwan, and share his very selective bottles. Also, this "Meet-The-Grower" culinary party hosted in Taichung by Le Cellier des Poètes, is aiming to open up palates by pairing pungent Singapore-inspired French cusine with Clos de l'Élu's wine. The sommelier Morris Tao will surprise all and marry flavor to flavor.

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