• 2018/11/24

    Vin Naturel dans tous ses états


    Natural Wine Tasting


    Festive Lunch


    Meet the Grower





  • From 11 to 4pm, Wine Fair!

    The grand tasting featured over 71 organic, biodynamic, and natural bottles from around the world, a list of superb producers for the atelier, and an on-site wine shop. In addition, a bustling BBQ grill cooked up a simple yet succulent menu, consisting grilled whole hog and local ingredients, to make the most mouthwatering, sought-after lunch dish.

    Starting 7pm, BYOB!

    Bring your own bottle to celebrate friendship at the Paulée pour Buvons Nature

  • 2018 WINE LIST

    /Vin Naturel dans tous ses états/

    In 2018, we make a conscious and prominent display of the exciting diversity of natural wines. While there is plenty to be found across regions and countries, the tasting will be organized by types:

  • PetNat

    Thierry Beclair, Petillant Nature, Clos Etiguette, 2014

    Weingut Fuchs und Hase, Vol. 1, NV

    K0G Vermont, Rosé Petillant Naturel, NV

    Lucy Margaux Pétillant Naturel Pinot Gris, 2018

    Damien Bureau Saperlipopet, Pet Nat blanc, 2017


    Traditional Method Sparkling

    Domaine Derain, Cuvée "Chut Derain", NV

    Alta Alella Mirgin, Cava, Bruant Brut Nature Reserva, 2015

    Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups, Montlouis Petillant, Triple Zero, NV


    Low Intervention White

    Bobar, Yarra Valley, Royale Chardonnay, 2017

    Julien Courtois, Autochtone, 2016

    Cellier des Cray, Rousette de Savoie Cuvée Zulime, 2015

    Domaine du Clos de L'Èlu, Anjou Blanc, Bastingage, 2015

    Bodegas Menade, Rueda, Nosso, 2016

    Les Vignes de Paradis, IGP Vin des Allobroges, Chasselas Marin, 2016

    Domaine de la Senechaliere, Cuvée La Folle Blanche, 2017


    Field Blend White

    Envinate, Táganan Village, Blanco, 2016

    Domaine Roc des Anges, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Llum, 2016

    Les Terres de Fagayra, Maury, Fagayra Blanc, 2016


    Aged with Voile/Flor

    Overnoy-Crinquand, Arbois-Pupillin, Savagnin, 2015

    Jean-François Ganevat Le Zaune à Dédée, NV

    Domaine Labet, Côtes du Jura, Vin Jaune, 2010

    Mengoba Las Botas, Bierzo, Godello, 2016


    Amphora White

    Cellar Mendall, Abeurador (1), 2017

    Mengoba Las Botas, Bierzo, Las Tinajas Godello, 2016

    Domaine des Miquettes, Madloba Blanc, 2015

    Alta Alella Mirgin Tallarol Blanc, 2017

    Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Quevri, Sauvignon, 2016


    Orange / Skin Contact

    Domaine Hughes Béguet, Arbois, Orange was the color of her dress, 2016

    Heinrich, Graue Freyheit, 2016

    Heinrich, Muskat Freyheit, 2017

    Occhipinti, IGT Terre Siciliane, SP 68 Bianco, 2017

    Domaine des Sablonettes, Zeste, Macération de Blanc, Chenin, 2017



    Heinrich, Rosé, Blaufränkisch Freyheit, 2016

    R. Lopez de Heredia, Rioja, Viña Tondonia, Rosado, Grand Reserva, 2008

    Château Musar Baaka Valley, Rosé, 2014

    Domaine des Sablonettes Ceci N'est pas un Rosé, 2017

    Château de la Selve, IGP Coteaux de l’Ardèche, l'Audacieuse, 2016



    Vino di Anna, Palmen+o Rosso, 2016

    Ochota Barrels, Adelaide Hill, Texture like Sun, 2017

    Philippe Bornard, Côtes du Jura, Ploussard Point Barre, 2016

    Domaine Breton, Bourgueil, Avis de Vin Fort, Clairet, 2016

    Lucy Margaux Vin de Soif Gamay, 2018

    Domaine Vignes du Maynes, Mâcon Rouge, Cuvée 910, 2017

    Domaine Roc des Anges, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Vignes Métissées, 2016


    Low Intervention Red

    Ochota Barrels, Adelaide Hill, Impeccable Disorder Pinot Noir, 2017

    Mylene Bru, Coteaux du Languedoc, Moulins de Mon Cœur, 2015

    Cellier des Cray, Vin de Savoie, Mondeuse Cuvée Rosa, 2015

    Domaine Derain, Bourgogne, Les Riaux 2017

    Domaine du Clos de L'Èlu, IGP Val de Loire, Indigene, 2014

    Domaine Hauvette, Les Baux de Provence, Amethyste, 2013

    Cellar Mendall Espartal-Bp, 2017

    Occhipinti, Terre Siciliane, SP 68 Rosso, 2016

    Raúl Pérez, La Vizcaina, Bierzo, Rapalao, 2014

    Château de la Selve, IGP Coteaux de l’Ardèche, Petite Selve, 2017



    Ochota Barrels, Adelaide Hills, The Price of Silence, Gamay, 2018

    Domaine Breton, Bourgueil, Dilettante, 2015

    Olivier Cohen, Cuvée Ronds Noir, 2014-2015

    Les Foulards Rouges, La Soif du Mal, 2017

    Domaine Thillardon, Chénas, Les Vibrations, 2016


    Field Blend Red

    Claude Courtois, Racines, 2014

    Julien Courtois, Ancestral, 2016

    Envinate, Ribeira Sacras, Lousas Tinto, 2016

    Domaine Labet, Métis Rouge, 2015

    Raúl Pérez La Vizcaina, Bierzo, Las Gundiñas, 2014


    Amphora Red

    Domaine du Clos de L'Èlu, Anjou Rouge, Magellan, 2013

    Cellar Mendall, Txa-Na-Ver, 2017

    Domaine des Miquettes, Saint-Joseph, Madloba Rouge, 2015

    Stephane Tissot, Arbois, Trousseau En Amphore, 2016



    Alta Alella Mirgin, Puput Organic Sweet Red, 2015

    Domaine des Sablonettes, Fleur d'Erable, Moelleux, 2017

    Ximénez-Spínola, Jerez, Old Harvest, NV

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    Dominique Derain

    Domaine Derain/ Domaine Sextant


    Adrien Berlioz

    Domaine du

    Cellier des Cray


    Marjorie Gallet

    Domaine Le

    Roc des Anges


    Thomas Carsin

    Domaine du Clos de l'Elu


    Benoît Chazallon

    Château de la Selve

  • Atelier Wine List


    Derain, Bourgogne Blanc, Landre, 2017, France

    Sextant, Bourgogne Blanc, La Fleur au Verre, 2016, France

    Sextant, Bourgogne Rouge, La Fleur au Verre,2016, France



    Cellier des Cray, Chignin Bergeron, Euphrasie, 2015, France

    Cellier des Cray, Chignin Bergeron, Grand Zeph, 2015, France

    Cellier des Cray, Chignin, Bergeron, Albinum, 2016, France



    Domaine Roc des Anges,IGP Côtes Catalanes, Vignes Métissées 2017, France

    Domaine Roc des Anges,IGP Côtes Catalanes, Reliefs 2015, France

    Les Terres de Fagayra Maury, Fagayra Blanc 2015, France



    Domaine du Clos de L’Èlu, Anjou Blanc Ephata, 2014, France

    Domaine du Clos de L’Èlu, Anjou Blanc Ephata, 2013, France

    Domaine du Clos de L’Èlu, Anjou Rouge, L’Aiglerie 2015, France



    Ch. de la Selve, IGP Coteaux de l’Ardéche, Beaulieu, 2015, France

    Ch. de la Selve, IGP Coteaux de l’Ardéche, Serre de Berty, 2014, France

    Ch. de la Selve , IGP Coteaux de l’Ardéche, Florence, 2016, France


    A list of distinguished winemakers and guests had joined us.

    Adrien Berlioz



    At the beginning of 2006, Adrien Berlioz took over the family estate: Cellier des Cray and has since made it one of the most prestigious domaines of Chignin. His wines speak volumes not only about the rich terroir but also for his sincerity and detail-oriented attitude.

    Benoît Chazallon

    Château de la Selve


    Based in the Ardèche region, the 13th century hunting lodge Chàteau de la Selve had transformed itself into a biodynamic wine domaine with great reputation. Benoît took over winemaking in 2002 and, since then, has celebrated the unique terroir with his beautifully clean and exceptionally tasting wines.


    Dominique Derain



    A determined and leading Burgundy grower and producer. Previously a barrel maker, Dominique Derain decided to make wine In the 1980s. He purchased 5.5 hectares of vines in Saint Aubin and began the journey. His first vintage was in ’89 and the rest is pioneering the natural winemaking history. Certified Ecocert.

    Marjorie Gallet



    Establishing the domaine in Tautavel in 2001, Marjorie Gallet is renowned for two things: having been recognized by the most specialized sommeliers and Michelin-starred restaurants, and making the most distinctive Roussillon wines that deliver the sense of place. RVF speaks best of Rod Des Anges: "stunning wines, a phenomenal rise."

    Thomas Carsin

    Domaine Clos de l'Elu


    Running his property in Saint Aubin de Luigné for a decade, Thomas Carsin was formerly a viticulture consultant who has advanced his knowledge of terroir in California and Provence. Domaine Clos de l'Elu holds a slightly experimental focus on drier wines, including weighty barrel-aged chenin and amphora-aged wine.

    Ito Yoshio



    Most notable in the community as the ambassador of RAISIN app, Ito is a guru on natural wine exporting. His company Oeno Connexion has been quenching the thirst of thousands natural wine enthusiasts in Japan and Taiwan.

    Yusen Lin



    Professional wine author and instructor with sommelier certification and a degree in wine economy and management. Known by many as the best wine author in the Chinese language, Lin is a major player in the natural wine scene in China and Taiwan.

    Yenchang, Su



    As a food writer and Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef, Su plays a key role in the farm-to-table movement in Taiwan. His cuisine has been heralded as festive, generous, and delicate.

  • Lunch

    The lunch offering was modeled after the tradition in many wine countries of celebrating the end of harvest by sharing a meal and bottles from the cellar with friends, colleagues, and nearby winemakers.

    We featured a complimentary menu prepared by Chef Su and a drink-of-your-choice from the list below.

    Lunch Wine List


    Les Vignes de Paradis, IGP Vin des Allobroges,Quintessence de Chasselas, 2016
    Domaine Ardoisieres,Argile Blanc, 2016
    Domaine de la Garance,Kaze Blanc, 2017
    Domaine Gauby, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Les Calcinaires Blanc, 2015
    Telmo Rodriquez,Bbdegas Lanzaga, Rioja, LZ, 2016
    Envinate,Vinos Mediterraneos, Albahra, 2016
    Alta Alella Mirgin,Merla Organic Red, 2016
    Domaine Montchovet,Savigny-Les-Beaune, 2015
    Christophe Pacalet,Beaujolais Village, 2016
    Weingut Fuchs und Hase,Pet Nat Rosé, 2016



    One of the most acclaimed projects re-imagining old buildings in Taipei, Brick Yard 33 1/3 was formerly a club house for U.S. Military officers, advisors, and their dependents in Taiwan from the 1950s through the 70s.

    Part of the largest remaining group of intact residences located in Mt. Yangming, the Bravo Hall used to be an indoor swimming pool.



  • Paulée pour Buvons Nature

    Café de Lugano celebrated the Buvons Nature 2018 with a special eight-course paulée dinner, featuring provençal cuisines with Taiwanese inspiration and twist.

    Studying at Institut Paul Bocuse and honing his skills at two-Michelin-starred establishments in Paris and Lyon, chef Leo Lin knows the drill of putting the reinvention of terroir on a plate.



    USD 72 (NTD 2,200)

    ◣ Grand Tasting

    ◣ Lunch included

    ◣ Fair guide

    ◣ A take-home wine tasting glass


    USD 150 (NTD 4,500)

    ◣ Grand Tasting

    ◣ Lunch included

    ◣ Fair guide

    ◣ A take-home wine tasting glass

    ◣ Paulée: BYO!! Each brings one bottle of wine for sharing


    USD 12 (NTD 350)/per atelier

    ◣ A three atelier-exclusive sample wine tasting

    ◣ Meet the grower

    ◣ One could only buy atelier ticket(s) upon DAY-TIME GEAR or ALL-DAY GEAR being purchased

  • ▍Rain or shine event. TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

    ▍Please be noted that ateliers tickets are not included in DAY-TIME or ALL-DAY GEAR.

    ▍Press, trade, and general public entry are charged equally. We thank you for your understanding and support for us and the producers who attend our fair.

    ▍Listed prices are based on currency rates of exchange in effect at the time of 2018/08. We are not liable if price increase occurs later due to exchange rate fluctuations.


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